Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Windows 7 M3 - Build 6780

Despite having checked numerous sites (for research purposes, clearly), I've determined that Microsoft has done an admirable job of keeping Windows 7 Milestone 3, or Build 6780, from leaking onto torrent, or other download, sites. The TAP testing pool must be fairly exclusive, and very loyal, to pull of such a feat when Microsoft products in the past (including Vista builds and other software) have all found their way onto the computers of unauthorized users.

The build, which was released some time during the week of September 15th (not sure exactly what day), appears to be coming along nicely. As I noted in last week's post, it doesn't appear to be very different from Vista, and keeps a good portion of the Vista UI at this point. I do expect this to change as things progress, but not on a drastic level.

Also, as rumored, the ribbon interface has indeed worked its way into Paint and Wordpad. happens to have posted a few of these shots, so take a look:

Insert picture feature, and integrated Paint . . . step in the right direction I suppose.

At least more asthetically pleasing, if nothing else.

Windows SOLUTIONS Center???

Integrated themes = GREAT idea.

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