Monday, September 15, 2008

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Welcome to Cold Boot. As my first foray into the blogosphere will likely prove, I typically have nothing interesting to say about anything someone else is interested in. However, things that interest me will be posted here, and someone in this universe may also find them somewhat appealing.

This blog will, for the most part, mention the latest in the tech department, mainly things related to Windows and its development, Windows applications and their development, and Macs and Mac products when applicable. I'm a big sports nut, but I wil try to keep all of that for another blog if I end up getting around to it.

What type of experience do I have in the computing realm do post on such things you may ask? I have been avidly interested in computers since I was in grade school, and my father was in technology sales for a number of years, once trying to start up his own web based business. I have been a beta tester of many more recent Microsoft products, including Windows Vista Beta 2 (a disaster I'll probably mention a few times in later posts), Internet Explorer 7, and 8 betas, and various other applications as well.

I will leave you for now with that little tidbit of info about why this blog has come to be, and I will post more about myself as an individual as time goes on. I hope you enjoy this blog, and i hope it can be insightful as well as informative as it progresses.

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