Thursday, September 25, 2008

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New Xbox Live Experience Coming in November

Even though Microsoft has been doing quite well at keeping software from leaking onto the net lately, it has not done quite as admirably as it comes to release dates. As a matter of fact, Microsoft actually let the cat out the bag themselves that The new Xbox Live Experience. complete with Wii-esque avitars, will be surfacing this coming November.

How could they pull this off you may ask? That happens to be the best part. Gamespot is reporting that the drop was actually hidden within a Stride Gum advertisement placed within the Xbox Live blade interface. The interactive ad had a section labeled "New Xbox Experience," and scrolling over it revealed an ad that stated "Check out the New Xbox Experience coming in November."

For those of you that don't know much about the new interface, it, as I mentioned in the beginning, has customizable avatars for users, and will also add new Netflix functionality that could become quite a hit for those who subscribe to the service.

I'm not necessarily all about the new changes, mostly because I'm so used to the blade interface in its current form. However, as long as it's just a fresh coat of paint, but still functional and easy to navigate, I probably could care less.

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